Rimu is a friendly template language for structured data and functional expressions.

Create parametric data using the best of Yaml structures and Lisp functions.

🌿 Features

  • Structured: Structured block and flow data of Yaml (opens in a new tab)
  • Functional: Functional expressions of Lisp (opens in a new tab)
  • Educational *: Inspired by Logo (opens in a new tab) to be accessible to beginner programmers
  • Embeddable: Lightweight embed into web or native apps
  • Debug-friendly *: Clear error messages when something is wrong
  • Secure: Safe with untrusted input

* Work in progress

💡 Use Cases

Rimu enables user-friendly expressive domain-specific languages (opens in a new tab):

The author Mikey (opens in a new tab) (as part of Village Kit (opens in a new tab)) is motivated by the "programmatic user", which may inform future developments.

🎮 Try Rimu!

Playground: (opens in a new tab)

📌 Stability

The Rimu language is in the experimental phase.

If you want to participate in mad science, please join us! 🧪

For more stable alternatives, see related projects.

💬 Community & Contributions

We believe in learning and growing together.

Join the conversation, share your insights, ask questions, and help evolve Rimu in our Matrix Chat (opens in a new tab) or GitHub Discussions (opens in a new tab).

Contributions to the development and documentation of Rimu are always welcome!